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Are slow pick rates preventing you from getting orders out the door and to your customers promptly? A belt conveyor system from Logic Material Handling, Inc. can provide an automated material handling solution that dramatically increases your pick rates and improves the efficiency of your warehousing operation. We offer customized belt conveyor systems design in MO and throughout the United States.


Belt conveyor systems are simple material handling solutions that employ a series of pulleys to quickly move products along a belt. They are prized for their ease of use and flexibility, and they can be found in warehouses and manufacturing facilities around the world. When configured to the needs of your operation, belt conveyors can be highly economical, as their speed and efficiency reduces labor requirements without compromising accuracy.

However, not all belt conveyor systems are created equal. Missouri’s Logic Material Handling, Inc. has a long history of matching customers with the best products for their needs. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits a belt conveyor system can have for your organization and about the numerous options we offer customers in a wide range of industries and applications.


Belt conveyors are used to move everything from large packages to loose aggregates and other materials. They offer superior flexibility for warehouses and distribution centers, as they are capable of handling irregular and differently sized items that would otherwise get stuck in a roller system.

A key benefit to belt conveyors is that they can be configured to your operation — curved sections can easily work around obstacles, while inclines allow you to make the most effective use of limited space. As a result, a belt conveyor system is often the best choice for organizations needing to stay on a budget, but still wanting to increase pick rates without drastically overhauling their operation.


In addition to increasing your pick rates, an automated belt conveyor system can lower your operating costs by making you more efficient. The need for less product handling by humans can save time and reduce order selection errors. You’ll be able to get more work out of fewer employees, which will lower your overhead and overall operating costs, resulting in a healthier bottom line.


Several factors will affect your choice of a belt conveyor system. When you work with Logic Material Handling, Inc., we’ll help you go over all the potential variables, including:

  • The layout of your space and the design and engineering requirements necessary to install a belt conveyor system
  • The size, shape and weight of the products you typically handle
  • The volume of product moving through your operation, and the speed with which it needs to be moved
  • How products are loaded and unloaded, whether they are fragile or have other handling requirements
  • The environmental conditions present in your facility, and whether temperature, humidity and other factors could potentially affect conveyor performance
  • Other specific handling needs, including HACCP management system requirements for food and pharmaceutical products

And more. For all things related to belt conveyor system design, Missouri’s Logic Material Handling, Inc. can provide expert advice and support.


Automated Belt Conveyor System Features and Benefits

Once we know your specific requirements, we can put together a complete system that is customized to your needs. A typical belt conveyor system design by Logic Material Handling, Inc. includes:

  • One-piece modular power feeder/nose-over construction.
  • Self-aligning belt take-up for fast tensioning.
  • High-efficiency bevel gear motor that offers significant energy savings.
  • 2 ½”-diameter end pulleys to reduce gaps between units in small carton applications.
  • Low belt design in the frame.

Belting is one of the most important parts of any conveyor system, as it is the component that will have the most contact with your product. To better serve our diverse client base, Logic Material Handling, Inc. offers a wide range of belting products, including plastic belts for general purpose, food grade, oil resistance, electrical conductivity, high temperature and other applications. We also have woven wire belting for washing, freezing and other manufacturing processes as well as flat wire belting for food handling and more.

We Provide Customized Belt Conveyor Systems Design in MO and Beyond

Logic Material Handling, Inc. is your warehouse belt conveyor system design specialist in Missouri and beyond. We have the expertise to provide a customized belt conveyor system design that meets your unique order fulfillment requirements. We can even provide out-of-the-box solutions for the most challenging warehousing applications.

Regardless of where you’re located in the United States, we’ll come to your facility to provide a free on-site belt conveyor system design consultation. We’ll then quickly follow up with conceptual drawings, preliminary solutions and a no-obligation price quote. You’ll appreciate the benefit of “big company” service at a much lower price point than you’ll find elsewhere.

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