Belt Driven Live Roller (BDLR) Conveyor

Diverse Transportation and Accumulation Conveyor

Logic's Belt Driven Live Roller (BDLR) or Narrow Belt Conveyor (NBC) is the ultimate in transportation and zero pressure accumulation conveyor.  This system works with a 2" belt driving up to 150' long conveyor with a single drive.  This conveyor is a cost effective method for applications needing dense pack accumulation of their cartons or moving product across long distances. There are two styles of this conveyor including transportation and accumulation mode.  


Accumulation and Transportation Mode

Accumulation Mode:
The accumulation style utilizes 4' sections of conveyor with pneumatic controlled pressure pans tied to a series of photo eyes built into the conveyor's frame.  These pressure pans  raise and lower to send the conveyor into drive and accumulation mode.  This system has bed level logic controls which can easily switch between singulation (release one zone at a time) or Progressive (release all zones at once) modes.

Transportation Mode:
This style of BDLR or NBC conveyor is built without the bed level logic controls.  The only function of this style of conveyor is to transport equipment over long distances without the need for any form of accumulation.  This is an effective method for lowering the systems overall cost.

Benefits of Belt Driven Live Roller (BDLR) and Narrow Belt Conveyor (NBC)

  • One drive can power any combination of transportation or accumulation
  • Minimal drives needed to control up to 150' of conveyor
  • Low maintenance with easy to access critical components
  • Bed level logic reduces overall controls engineering costs
  • Multiple logic settings for singulated or progressive product release

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