Spiral Conveyor System

Spiral conveyor belts feature advanced, innovative technology that can meet the needs of 21st-century material handling operations. Spiral conveyors are a perfect solution for transporting product between multi-level elevations, while also offering the ability to lift and lower product. This system can support a single infeed and single discharge, as well as a single infeed with multiple discharges. The continuous running belt helps support high throughput operations with speeds of up to 200 FPM.

Logic Material Handing, Inc. Can Provide a Dependable Spiral Conveyor System for Your Company

As one of the leading spiral conveyor manufacturers in Missouri and beyond, Logic Material Handling can provide the right system for your unique material handling requirements. Custom design and configurations are available to meet almost all applications. We will work with you to create a custom spiral conveyor system that enables you to handle goods with greater speed and efficiency, allowing you to get your products out the door and into the hands of your customers more quickly than ever.

Spiral Conveyor System Features and Benefits

Key spiral conveyor system features and benefits include:

  • Space-saving design: Spiral conveyor belts offer a smaller footprint than traditional belt systems, which saves valuable floor space within your facility. They’re commonly used in freezer and cooler applications where floor space is often in short supply.
  • Ability to handle a large variety of load types: Spiral conveyor systems can accommodate a wide variety of loads and load sizes, and you won’t have to stop the line to make adjustments or product changeovers.
  • High throughput: The ability to operate at speeds of up to 200 FPM makes spiral conveyor belts an excellent choice for transporting loads upward or downward in a continuous flow. The continuous running belt also allows for nonstop addition of cartons.
  • Ability to discharge at multiple elevations: The ability of a spiral conveyor belt to discharge product at multiple elevations along the belt line makes it an extremely versatile material handling alternative.
  • Simpler alternative to lifts and elevators: A spiral conveyor belt features a simplified design compared to more complex elevators and lifts, which makes them more reliable with less preventive maintenance.
  • Quiet operation: Spiral conveyor belts are typically much quieter than traditional belt systems, which helps to create a safer, more comfortable environment for your workforce.
  • Easy reconfiguration: The spiral conveyor design enables fast, easy reconfiguration in the field, allowing you to adapt your belt system to your changing and evolving material handling requirements.
  • Fast, easy installation: A spiral conveyor system is typically shipped in one piece, which streamlines and simplifies the entire installation process.

We Can Handle Every Aspect of Your Custom Spiral Conveyor Design Project

Our premium spiral conveyor design services begin with an on-site consultation at your facility, whether you’re located in Missouri or elsewhere in the U.S. Our expert consultants will perform a comprehensive assessment of your current material handling procedures to determine the most efficient layout for your operation.

We’ll also take into consider your specific production goals to ensure you get a made-to-order system that meets your present and future order fulfillment requirements. What’s more, we can perform a fast, efficient installation of your new spiral conveyor system.

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