Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

Vertical Lift Module Solutions

Are you doing everything you can to help your warehouse team work as efficiently and productively as possible? A vertical lift module system (VLM) can make the order fulfillment process significantly easier for your team.

A vertical lift module system features an extractor device in the middle of the unit and contains trays on either side. From an ergonomics perspective, this allows the operator to pick the product at the perfect height, which ensures maximum comfort and performance throughout the workday. In addition to making your operators more productive, a VLM can also help to prevent workplace injuries.

Logic Material Handling, Inc. Offers the Best Vertical Lift Module Solutions for Your Warehouse

Logic Material Handling, Inc. can provide an innovative, out-of-the-box vertical lift module system design that is customized for your warehouse/order fulfillment center operation. We start by taking the time to gain a full understanding of your current order fulfillment processes. Then, we provide seamless VLM integration.

With Logic Material Handling, Inc., you’ll get a vertical lift module system at a lower price point than you’ll find elsewhere.

Additional key VLM features and benefits include:

  • Robust inventory management software that is intuitive enough to store trays based on SKU velocity.
  • Faster picking times and lower labor costs by enabling operators to pick using multiple machines.
  • More compact and efficient product storage.
  • Minimized footprint investment by replacing multiple rows of shelving for smaller parts.
  • Automation that helps improve overall quality control.

Our Vertical Lift Module Solutions Are Available Nationwide

We offer vertical lift module systems to fulfillment centers in Missouri and all across the United States. Our process begins by visiting your facility for a free on-site consultation to assess your operation’s specific requirements. We’ll then provide a customized vertical lift module system design that allows you to meet your goals. Finally, we’ll perform a complete VLM installation with speed and efficiency.

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