Erectastep Modular Platforms

Modular Work Platforms and Crossovers

Are you looking to add safe, reliable work platforms or crossovers in your manufacturing, industrial or warehouse facility? ErectaStep work platforms and aluminum stairs provide a secure, ergonomic height access solution that will provide numerous benefits for your work environment. They’re designed to provide unlimited flexibility and are available in multiple configurations to meet any application. All ErectaStep platforms are OSHA compliant and feature a heavy-duty aluminum design to protect against exposure to the elements and typical plant environments.

Logic Material Handling, Inc.: Your Source for ErectaStep Modular Platforms

Logic Material Handling is proud to offer a wide selection of ErectaStep industrial stairs and platforms to companies in Missouri and across the United States. They have a simple bolt-together construction that allows for a low cost and fast installation.

These modular platforms consist of five high-quality components:

  • Metal Work Platforms: These prefabricated aluminum ErectaStep modular platforms measure 36-by-36 inches and feature a stamped positive-traction walking surface for maximum safety. They’re also equipped with common bolthole patterns to accommodate attachment of ladders, handrails, stairs and additional platforms.
  • Metal Handrails: Made from powder-coated aluminum, handrails include a metal pipe construction that is designed to fit into the side of the metalwork platform.
  • Metal Stairs: Options for modular industrial stairs include one- and two-step models that can serve as standalone stairs. There are also three- to six-step versions that can be connected to create a unit consisting of up to 20 steps. All metal stairs include a positive-traction surface and powder-coated handrails on both sides.
  • Metal Tower Support: The aluminum tower supports are designed to provide additional safety and stability, whether your application calls for one platform or a multiplatform system.
  • Metal Ladders: An ErectaStep metal ladder works in tandem with a tower and is designed and engineered to fit into the side of the metal platform. Ladders are equipped with D-shaped, 24-inch wide aluminum rungs.

ErectaStep Modular Platform Applications

ErectaStep modular platforms and stairs are perfect for enabling safe access over pipes, conduit, conveyors, and other obstructions. These platforms can also be used as mezzanines and catwalk platforms. Industry-specific applications include:

  • General Material Handling: The fast and easy assembly enables you to reconfigure/relocate your platform to keep up with frequent workflow changes.
  • Energy: The flexibility provided by the metal tower supports is ideally suited for a wide range of indoor and outdoor energy industry applications.
  • Industrial/Manufacturing: The sturdy aluminum construction of ErectaStep modular industrial stairs ensures they can withstand the rigors of daily use in heavy manufacturing operations.
  • Rooftop: The aluminum components also offer a lightweight platform alternative that delivers maximum safety when working on building rooftops.
  • Maintenance: ErectaStep crossover platforms can prove invaluable for helping your maintenance teams work safely and gain access to hard-to-reach machinery or equipment.

Logic Material Handling Can Help You Choose the Right ErectaStep Modular Platform for Your Needs

As part of our objective to help our customers find high-quality products that solve a specific problem in their workplace, Logic Material Handling can help you select an ErectaStep platform system equipped with the right components for your needs. The majority of ErectaStep platforms utilize standardized parts, which allows us to ship your platform in 1-2 days, instead of the 5-12-week lead times of traditional mezzanines. This ensures your new platform can provide the fast, cost-effective solution you’re looking for.


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