Warehouse Mezzanine Systems in Missouri & Beyond

Do you need more warehouse space but don’t have the budget to construct a new facility or add on to your existing structure? Adding a mezzanine warehouse level can provide a cost-effective solution. Logic Material Handling, Inc. is your source for complete mezzanine design and installation in Missouri or anywhere else in the United States.

What Is a Warehouse Mezzanine?

One way to visualize a mezzanine is to think of it as a type of balcony in your warehouse or distribution facility. It is essentially an elevated platform that is installed between the floor and ceiling of your building to provide an additional level of storage space. Warehouse mezzanines can be freestanding structures or attached to the walls of your facility. They are also designed to take up only a portion of the floor space instead of covering the entire floor. Most warehouse mezzanines are constructed of either carbon or stainless steel to ensure maximum durability in all types of environmental and material handling conditions.

A Warehouse Mezzanine Offers a Flexible and Affordable Solution

Logic Material Handling, Inc. can provide a pre-engineered mezzanine for your warehouse that offers a flexible, cost-effective alternative to conventional construction. We can install your mezzanine in a matter of days. They are also easy to tear down, relocate, reconfigure or expand as needed.

You’ll never have to worry about the time, expense and hassle of a major construction project that could significantly disrupt your normal operations.

Choose from four different warehouse mezzanine types:

  • Shelving Supported
  • Rack Supported
  • Building Supported
  • Free Standing Structural

Benefits of Adding a Warehouse Mezzanine Level to Your Facility

The most obvious benefit of installing a warehouse mezzanine is that it enables you to take advantage of the existing vertical space in your facility to increase your storage capacity. A warehouse mezzanine could increase your available warehouse space by as much as 100 percent. They can also:

  • Prevent the need to relocate. If you don’t have the current space to expand at your present site, adding a warehouse mezzanine can provide the additional storage space you need to remain at your present location, as well as allow room for future growth.

  • Be used to provide overhead office space offering a clear view of the warehouse floor below. A warehouse mezzanine offers the perfect location for an office that helps you keep a close eye on what your workers are doing and how all work processes are progressing throughout the day.

  • Segregate your facility into separate order fulfillment and overhead storage areas. Do you find that there simply isn’t enough floor space to prevent the overlapping of picking and storage operations? A warehouse mezzanine system can provide the additional storage space you need to resolve this dilemma.

  • Give you additional storage flexibility. Freestanding mezzanines in particular are easily reconfigurable. You can quickly move them as your storage and floor space requirements evolve over time.

  • Enable fast, easy installation. Most warehouse mezzanine systems can be installed in a matter of days instead of weeks, and you won’t have to dig up floors or tear out walls. You will also avoid the safety hazards that often accompany a major industrial construction/renovation project.

  • Add extra features as needed: You can customize your mezzanine to meet the needs of you and your staff by adding features such as stairs, drop zones for pallets, lift gates and more.

  • Eliminate the need to move equipment or machinery: Because warehouse mezzanines make use of previously unallocated vertical space, you can install them without having to move your equipment or machinery or change your existing floor layout in most cases.

  • Maximize leased space: If you are currently leasing your distribution facility, a mezzanine helps you get around the building owner’s restrictions regarding making permanent alterations to the facility. Mezzanines are portable structures you can put up and take down as needed.

  • Save you money as the accelerated depreciation is only seven years, compared to 39 years for traditional warehouse structures. This can be an extremely important financial benefit that will have a positive short-term impact on your company’s bottom line.

  • Increase overall operating efficiency: By enabling you to make the most out of every inch of space in your facility, a warehouse will allow your workers to operate more efficiently than ever. As a result, you will be able to provide better service to your customer base.

We Can Provide a Customized Warehouse Mezzanine Solution for Companies in IN and Beyond

Logic Material Handling, Inc. has the expertise and experience to provide a creative, out-of-the-box warehouse mezzanine system that can meet your current and future product storage and distribution needs. We’ll take the time to learn all about your operation so we can offer the most effective solution at the lowest price.

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