Modular Offices

Modular Offices: What Are They and What Are Their Benefits?

In today’s rapidly changing business climate, being nimble and responsive is essential in order to remain competitive. You must be able to adapt quickly in every aspect of your operation – including the layout of your work environment. Modular offices offer a flexible solution that allow you to make the additions and moves to alter your office landscape easily. There’s no need to embark on a major renovation project or constantly replace your office furnishings. This can save you time, hassles and money.


Modular Offices Can Serve Many Functions in Your Workplace

Modular offices are more than just a set of walls. They can include everything found in typical office spaces, including carpeting, HVAC, wiring, restroom areas and more. A warehouse modular office can serve a number of important functions in your facility, from personnel or supervisor offices to clean rooms, break rooms and a parts distribution area. Logistic Material Handling, Inc. offers custom modular design services that also include complete modular warehouse office setup for companies in Missouri and across the United States.

Modular Office Systems Offer a Flexible Business Solution

Modular offices offer a number of important business benefits, including:

  • Cost reductions: While the upfront costs associated with a modular office may be higher than those with traditional construction in some cases, you may actually save money in the long run. The ability to easily relocate/adapt the system can save you a bundle when it comes time to remodel, as you won’t have to tear down or rebuild your walls. The fact that modular office systems take less time to set up can also significantly reduce your installation costs.
  • Design flexibility: Because modular offices are so flexible, you have maximum freedom when it comes to designing your office layout. You can even choose a wall design featuring inner cavities that can easily accommodate plumbing, wiring, computer/data connections and technology integration. This will also prove beneficial when it comes time to make the inevitable changes to your office layout.
  • Ideal temporary office solution: Do you need to hire temporary workers for a special short-term project? Constructing office space the traditional way would not make sense from either a cost or practical perspective. On the other hand, a modular office in Missouri offers a fast, temporary solution that will accommodate your additional staff without taking on a huge construction project. It can also provide the perfect short-term solution if you are in the process of expanding your facility and need to relocate your staff until the work is done.
  • Meeting today’s environmental requirements: Environmental compliance is a fact of life in many types of building projects these days. The construction of a modular office in Missouri & beyond requires fewer building materials and creates a virtually dust-free environment. Many of these materials are also reusable and recyclable, allowing you to minimize waste. What’s more, building with modular wall systems is viewed as a sustainable, environmentally friendly practice that will help you earn LEED points.
  • Increased productivity: The design flexibility offered by modular office systems can help you improve the dynamics in your work environment by fostering a more collaborative culture. In particular, you will be able to more effectively leverage technology to facilitate the horizontal flow of information that is predominant in today’s work environment. Improved group collaboration leads to increased productivity and can have a positive impact on job satisfaction and employee retention.

Other key advantages of a modular industrial office setup include:

Pre-engineering to allow for multiple configurations such as two-story, load bearing and many others.

  • Customization to accommodate HVAC, windows, carpeting or flooring, doors and more.
  • Tax advantages since the depreciation is over seven years instead of the 39 years with traditional construction.
  • A fast solution — from ordering the materials to installation, we can complete the project in five weeks or less.

Why Choose Logic Material Handling, Inc. for Your Modular Warehouse Office Design Needs in Missouri & Beyond?

At Logic Material Handling, Inc., we take the time to learn about your operation – you can trust we’ll provide a custom office warehouse layout design for your business whether it is located in Missouri or anywhere else in the United States. Thanks to our complete modular office installation services, you save the time and hassle of doing the job yourself. You’ll also find that a custom modular office for warehouse facilities from Logic Material Handling, Inc. is available at a much lower price point than you’ll find elsewhere.

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