Light Directed Picking

Pick-to-Light Order Fulfillment Solution in Missouri & Beyond

A pick-to-light order fulfillment system in Missouri, also known as light-directed picking, offers an excellent way to get the most possible productivity out of your workforce. You’ll experience a major increase in your overall pick rate, helping you get more products out the door in the least amount of time. With Logic Material Handling, Inc., you can also achieve easy pick-to-light order fulfillment system integration with pick module systems.


Pick-to-light – also called pick-by-light – order fulfillment systems feature a set of lights placed directly above the storage slot. These easily communicate to the operator where they need to go, in what order and how much of a given item is needed. In some systems, a button allows the picker to acknowledge they have taken the item.

Put-to-light sortation systems use the same technology, though the process is reversed. Instead of scanning a shipping label, the product itself is scanned. A light indicates which containers to put it into, and how many are required. Operators follow the lighted sequence to allocate stock to orders, effectively breaking up bulk shipments into more manageable packages.

An investment in pick-to-light equipment is a smart choice for warehouses and shipping centers. When properly implemented, they help you run a leaner operation, with shorter throughput times and fewer errors overall. Because the system is so simple, training new staff is quick and painless – a fact that makes it especially easy to onboard new team members to meet seasonal demands.

Pick-to-light systems also help with inventory management, as they provide real-time sorting and stock information. Because accountability is assigned for each pick, resolving staff disputes and identifying where additional training is necessary is easy.

Put-to-light systems, on the other hand, are ideal for retail distribution centers that frequently ship large orders to a small number of stores. Put-to-light systems can improve sorting speeds and allow you to work safer and more efficiently in warehouses with a limited amount of floor space. They are also generally less expensive to install than pick-to-light systems, which helps you see a return on your investment faster.

If you’re considering adding a pick-to-light fulfillment system to your warehouse in Missouri or anywhere else in the United States, Logic Material Handling, Inc. can help. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of our products.

Logical Material Handling Offers a Wide Assortment of Pick-to-Light Solutions

Logic Material Handling, Inc. can provide a customized pick-to-light order fulfillment solution at the best possible price to Businesses located in Missouri and across the country.

You can count on our unmatched order fulfillment system expertise to help you choose the right system for your operation.

These include:

  • Pick-to-Light
  • Put-to-Light
  • Pack-to-Light
  • Light Pick-to-Cart


Key Benefits of a Pick-to-Light Order Fulfillment System From Logic Material Handling, Inc.

Choosing to implement our pick-to-light order fulfillment solutions can provide a wide variety of key benefits for your company including:

  • Faster out-the-door times to improve your level of customer service.
  • Cost savings thanks to our lower price points.
  • Better quality control and improved throughput.
  • Peace of mind as many of our products include lifetime warranties for your protection.

We Can Also Design and Install Your Pick-to-Light Order Fulfillment System

Another reason why Logic Material Handling, Inc. stands apart from the rest is that we take the time to gain a true understanding of your business. We’ll come to your facility — regardless of where you’re located in the United States — to get a first-hand look at your operation. This enables us to recommend the most cost-effective solution for your company.

Shortly after our visit, you’ll get a customized design that includes conceptual drawings and preliminary solutions and pricing. Upon your approval, we’ll then perform a fast and efficient pick-to-light order fulfillment system installation.

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