Storage Systems

The leading supplier of storage systems

Logic Material Handling is a leading supplier of storage systems to efficiently put away and access any type of inventory at your facility. Whether it is a simple application or a complex high density storage needed, we can design a system which will be a great fit for your operation. We offer free consultation and design to ensure our system will fit within your space constraints. These systems often yield larger return on investment when paired with our Pick-To-Light, Pick-To-Voice, or Warehouse Controls System.

Below are our main categories for storage systems.

Custom Designed Storage Systems

We analyze your product to design a storage system to perfectly meet your application.  This includes an analysis of your product, pallets, warehouse space, and current equipment.  We pull this information together for you into a CAD layout drawing design for the most efficient use of your space.  No matter the application, we can find the perfect solution for your business.

Software for Storage Systems:

For better utilization of your storage system, Logic offers a variety or order fulfillment software to gain better efficiencies.  This includes order picking technologies such as light and voice directed picking.  Both of these systems can easily integrate into your storage systems design to allow for higher picker efficiencies.  Further we offer slotting software to plan the positioning of your high velocity movers for easy access for your pickers/lift operators. 



Whether your company is located in MO or anywhere else in the United States, we can provide a free on-site consultation to help you determine your specific needs. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

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