This style of storage system is a great fit for any customers looking to store large and/or bulky items such as tubing, lumber, and furniture. Available is single sided or double sided, the design can be made to fit any application and/or space constraints you have.

Furniture Cantilever Racking:

A popular configuration for the furniture industry is cantilever with solid shelves. This is done by adding saddle beams with either plywood or wire decking. This creates one continuous shelf for the entire row of racking. This allows operators to easily place large product on shelf with no space constraints.


  • Bulky/Long Item Storage – This system is perfect for storing long items which don’t fit in other systems
  • Flexibility – The arms are on 2” adjustability allowing you to easily re-profile levels at any time
  • Solid Shelf – Ability to add saddle beams and plywood to create one continuous solid shelf


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